Your First Visit

We know what it’s like to go somewhere new for the first time. You're not sure what to do, where to go, or what to wear. No worries. At Ridgecrest, we’re expecting you. Come as you are and we think you’ll find a group of people who will make you feel like family.  

We want to make your first visit to Ridgecrest as stress-free as possible.  Our Guest Parking is located in the parking area in front of the steeple. You will find parking spaces reserved just for you.  When you enter the doors under the steeple, you will see our Welcome Center in the lobby.

On your first visit arrive a few minutes before 9:00am so someone at the Welcome Center can assist you in finding a Life Group or helping you get your kids checked in. We look forward to your being our guest this Sunday.

9:00am Life Groups  |   10:30am Worship