Reach 2019

For 2019, we have set a goal for the church that presents an opportunity for all of us to put our Next Steps into practice.  
We are challenging all of our church members and regular attenders to share their faith in Christ with at least one person by the end of the year. 

In order to demonstrate the impact we can have as a church body of dedicated individuals, we have set up a board outside the worship center. Once someone has shared with an individual, they will place a light on the board. Once all of the open spaces are filled, the lights will spell out Ridgecrest's theme for 2019.

We want to make sure you feel prepared and equipped for this task, so we will be offering several classes and opportunities on Wednesday and Sunday nights to grow your confidence in sharing your faith.

If you have had one of those gospel conversations with someone this year, Click here to fill out a form so we can pray for  them