Next Steps U

Opportunities for Spiritual Growth
beginning at 6:00 PM on
Wednesday, January 10, 2018

“Live the Vision”- Room 105: Bro. Phil will be explaining our vision statement, to live out our vision together. You will receive your notebook and syllabus at this first meeting.

“Freed Up Financial Living”- Room 106: With biblical principles you will discover tools and develop skills that will help you control your finances. Led by Tim Blocker and Scott Reid

ESL – Room 301 (English as a Second Language): Be a volunteer as the World comes to Ridgecrest

“Discerning the Voice of God”- Gym: study for ladies- Discover the root to clear and daily communication with God—humble obedience.

Revelation- Room 306: A study of the book of Revelation led by Hart & Karen Lyon

Beginner Sign Language- Room 102: Prepare yourself to help Reach those in the hearing-impaired community

Sew Missions- Room 104: 8-week Beginner Quilting Course – open to anyone interested. The clothing and items produced are used in a variety of ministries. If you have your own sewing machine, bring it. You don’t have to know how to sew, there is plenty for you to do to help.

Men’s Adventure- Room 103 (meets at 5:45): Take your Next Step in Spiritual Growth alongside a great group of guys

College Age Outreach - (meets at 6:30-8:45); text 601-624-5549 for location

Middle School – Chapel (meets 6:00-7:30): 180 Worship

Worship Choir- Choir Room (meets at 7:00): serve at Ridgecrest by leading us in worship each week

Crest Kids and Preschoolers
252- HMS Gospel Room- 2nd Floor: 1st-3rd grades
252- Mission to Planet Earth Room- 2nd Floor: 4th & 5th grades

Preschool Party – The Ark: Peacock room- age 4K; Parrot room- ages 2-3; Elephant room- infants-toddlers