Mississippi Missions

BAG International

BAG International is a non-profit organization that desires to Bridge A Gap between churches, communities, and organizations in bringing awareness about the vast needs of foster children and orphans around the world. The need for orphan awareness and helping to meet the needs of these beautiful children is a HUGE undertaking. However, BAG is willing to accept the challenge and would like to invite anyone around the world to join us in this effort. For more information on how you can help, contact  .

Construction Opportunities

Whether it be rebuilding after a tornado or hurricane, or helping to build a home or church, all types of skills and tools are needed. Men and women work together to accomplish the goal. Contact Tim Blocker at   or 601.853.1090 x64 for additional information and to volunteer. 

Faith InDeed

This organization was founded with the dual purpose of raising funds through projects to provide financial support for Christ-centered missions and ministries; and to provide opportunities for Christians to get active in supporting missions and ministries that they are passionate about. For more information, contact Ron Logan at 

Fellowship Of Christian Athletes

Chuck Slay serves as an Area Representative for the FCA. After years of coaching the Lord called him into this great ministry. He ministers to coaches, students and adults in our area in helping them unite their two passions of faith and athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ. The FCA has been doing this for over 60 years and we are excited to see how the Lord is using Chuck in this great ministry.

Mt. Olive Ministries

This is a community ministry in Mt. Olive, MS, led by Bro. Tony Duckworth. It includes after-school and summer programs for youth and also the Mt. Olive Community Church. Ridgecrest helped renovate a building into a lovely church with offices, kitchen, worship center, and Bible study rooms.  We partner with them to provide outreach materials and resources for the church, for their Tutoring program and the Student Robotics statewide and national competitions.  For more information contact Brian Wright at 

Reclaimed Project

Founded in Starkville, Mississippi, in 2012, Reclaimed Project was birthed out of a desire to exalt Christ internationally by fulfilling the biblical mandate to serve orphans and the poor. Reclaimed Project assists families who wish to adopt, looks after orphans in their distress and cares for their community. Recently they felt called to begin a ministry in Marks, MS.  Ridgecrest helped them renovate a building that will house teacher missionaries for the local high school as well as provide space for ministries to the area children and families. Get more information at reclaimedproject.org.