Adult Life Groups

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning at 9:00am is our primary time for adult Life Groups.  To find a Life Group, we invite you to come a few minutes early on a Sunday and stop by our information center located just inside the front doors under the steeple where someone will be able to assist you in finding a class that is perfect for you.  You can also email us about our adult Life Groups using the form at the bottom of this page.

In the meantime, check out a general listing of our adult groups for Sunday morning:

  20’s   Jim & Charla Faries   The Loft (2nd Floor Gym)
  Adult Open   Hogan/Pruitt   Room 103
  Adult Open   Dave & Dianne Washington   Room 109
  Adult Open   Ron & Debbie Logan   Room 201
  Adult Open   Swilley/Pepper   Room 301
  College   Michael & Julie Estes   The Loft (2nd Floor Gym)
  Couples   Mark & Brande Winstead   Room 108
  Couples w/kids   Cameron/Crawford/Lott/Ray/Thomas   Room 203
  Couples w/kids   Jake & Ansleigh Thornhill   Room 303
  Deaf Class   Susie Grothe   Conference Room
  International   Bounds/Smith   Room 302
  Ladies Open   Wanda Fisher   Room 101
  Ladies Open   Nedra Redd   Room 304
  Middle Adults   Shearer/Stephen/Webb   Room 205
  Middle Adults   Lyon/Brashier   Room 305-306
  Newlyweds   Steve & Anna Given   Room 107
  Single Adults   Edith Mitchell   Room 204
  Special Needs   Charlane Wall   Room 102
  Sr. Adult Women   Joy Love Class   Brides Room
  Sr. Adults   Cliburn/B. Hill   Room 104
  Sr. Adults   Mikell/Roberson   Room 105
  Sr. Adults   Chapman/Whitehead   Room 106
  Sr. Adults   Brown/Carney   Prayer Room
  Young Couples   James/O’Neal   Choir Room

Updated October 8, 2017

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